Shana Whitmarsh is Chromacor’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Shana Whitmarsh is a master developer and designer who has designed and built e-commerce stores and other online businesses that have generated millions of dollars in sales. She has 20 years of experience developing successful e-commerce stores and online businesses. She is known for a distinctive, vibrant design style that engages customers and website visitors, increases sales and improves visual branding. Her Design process is embodied in the Chromasensual Design Process, which is Patent-pending. Her technical project specifications save clients thousands of dollars and months of development time.
In past positions, Shana has designed and built online reservation systems, video websites and online video magazines including the first women’s online video surf magazine, She Rips. At Rawswell, she launched the first automated online content management system for a weekly newspaper in SEO-friendly format that won the New England Publishing Association Best Newspaper Website for two years in a row.

Clients include: Arrow Sheds, EScents Aromatherapy, Trekell Art Supplies, Monster Transmission, Life’s Onion, Fish Restaurant & Wine Bar, The California Route 66 Museum, AminoGenesis, Voucelle, The Urban Kitchen, M&M Mars, AminoGenesis, and Dr. Murray’s Online.

Shana is passionate about technology, culture, art, media, pop-culture, fashion, color theory and surfing. At work, she creates new, authentic ways for brands to communicate. Beyond work, she likes painting, printmaking, photography and writing. She supports Saint Jude Children’s Hospital and Special Olympics fundraising.