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3dCart Support Tips and Tricks: 7 Ways To Get Answers Fast

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We’ve recently updated this blog post, “3dCart Support Tips and Tricks: 6 ways to Get Answers Fast” to include the online chat feature that’s accessible from your Store Admin, if you’re logged in with appropriate account access privileges, and the Support ticketing feature.

Shift4 purchased 3dCart a few years ago and has since rebranded it, “Shift4Shop.” We’ve left this blog post with “3dCart” references intact for people who are searching for 3dCart help.

See #7 For Instant 3dCart Support Help Now

When you call Shift4Shop and get transferred to Support, you’ll find that they do basic troubleshooting and problem-solving. 3dCart Support staff are such a helpful resource for 3dCart e-commerce store owners that their support is a big reason why we recommend 3dCart to our clients. The staff in 3dCart’s Support department is there to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, with thousands of customers asking questions every day, it can take a while for them to get to your call or reply back to you through the store admin panel chat window. That’s why we’re listing ways to make it easier for you to find and get 3dCart Support help when you need it, other than calling Support line, which you probably already know about. Of course, when you have an urgent request, you can get 3dCart Support help right now from Chromacor at 760-253-9593 – we’re 3dCart Expert Design and Development Partners with seventeen years of expertise on their platform.

Call 3dCart Support

Well, what if you can’t get through, or they’re busy?

In our experience, when calling the Support phone number at 1-800-828-6650 x 3, we have waited on hold for over an hour. After they introduced their automated call-back system, it takes about 1-2 hours to get a return phone call during the work week and about a half-hour on the weekend.  Email replies from tickets opened via the store admin usually take 24 hours to get a reply.  If you log into your 3dCart store admin to send a request through their chat window, you may get an immediate reply or wait up to a couple of days.

The response times from 3dCart’s Support team are reasonable for most requests but sometimes you need immediate answers when your Shift4Shop support needs are urgent.

What happens if you have more than a basic question, especially if it involves coding or more advanced design? You usually get referred to Sales for a custom programming quote, and then the question turns into a project that can take a few weeks to get done.

Now there are Seven Ways to Get 3dCart Help When You Need It. Here they are:

These are useful resources that you may not already know about to help you find immediate answers for your 3dCart questions or problems.

1. 3dCart Knowledgebase

A knowledgebase is an online resource for finding answers to questions about a specific product or software application like 3dCart shopping software. They have been improving their knowledgebase with more updates since Shift4Shop acquired 3dCart a few years ago. Now there are current posts reflecting their system and policy updates, and they have included more articles to answer more current questions.

2. 3dCart Blog

When others have encountered the same issue that you’re having, you may find that 3dCart has already written a blog post to address it in the 3dCart Blog.

3. 3dCart Forum

The 3dCart Forum is an informal shot-in-the-dark way to research and find answers. It will take longer for you to get the 3dCart “how to” answer you were looking for if you search in the forum to dig through individual forum entries to find what you’re looking for. The forum is for merchants to discuss their stores and ask questions of each other, so you may or may not find the answers you’re looking for. If you register with the Forum, you’ll be able to post your question there to see if you get answers from other 3dCart store owners.

4. 3dCart’s YouTube Channel

3dCart how-to videos and tutorials can be found on their YouTube channel where they cover a wide range of topics. You’ll find topics like “how to set up your 3dCart store,” “how to set up payment methods,” answers to questions about products and product options, shipping and integrating apps. They also post webinar recordings so that you can watch them when it’s convenient for you.

5. The Chat and Ticketing System in your Store’s Admin Panel

If you already have an account with sufficient access privileges, you can log into your e-commerce store and contact Support directly through the built-in chat system in the bottom right-hand corner of your Store Admin to chat with a Support member. If you don’t have time to wait, you can also click the “?” icon at bottom left-hand side of the Store Admin to access the Support ticketing system and create a Support ticket.

6. Coming Soon: Chromacor Knowledgebase

Over the years, we have created our own online system for finding answers to 3dCart how-to questions. We’re launching our own Knowlegebase where you will be able to find even more 3dCart tutorials and answers to address specific 3dCart problems that you may be having.

“But I need answers RIGHT NOW.  I don’t have time to wait on hold with 3dCart’s Support or search for answers online!”

7. Chromacor offers Instant 3dCart Support Now

For urgent 3dCart Support now, call Chromacor at 760-253-9593.  We have resolved issues immediately for 3dCart store owners who need phone contact and extra help. Why call us to solve your 3dCart Support issues?  We’re 3dCart Expert Design and Development partners with years of expertise. We know their system inside and out. We solve problems directly, give you the answers you’ve been seeking. You benefit from our years of deep platform experience and we give you a higher level of service that you can’t get from their basic support staff.

Of course, you could just wait on hold. And wait, and wait. When you get through, don’t be surprised if they tell you they won’t fix your problem or advise you because you have had a feature or web component customized by someone other than 3dCart. You may get referred to their Custom Programming Salesperson who will give you a quote and a “not-right-now” completion date, usually two or three weeks away.

Not the answer you were going for when you originally called, right? How much time did that cost you? We’ll help you save time and get you going right now.

We’re 3dCart Expert Development and Design Partners (since 2007) – put our years of expertise on the 3dCart e-commerce platform to work for you! When you call us, we’ll fix your 3dCart problem right now, not one to two weeks from now!

Looking for help at night or during weekends and holidays? Send us a message below, we’ll call right away!