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WordPress Website Design

Get A Unique Design

Our custom WordPress web design makes your business and brand stand out. We communicate the uniqueness of your brand and business with our amazing custom designs.


At Chromacor “custom” means custom. If you’re looking for a function or behavior that you can’t find in an off-the-shelf plugin or add-on, we’ll custom program it for you.

Ongoing Support

If you’re new to WordPress, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by its many features and functions. We offer free training and ongoing support to put you on the fast track to success!

Doing What We Love In WordPress:

Help Your Visitors Understand Complex Concepts

We thrive on simplifying complex ideas to inform and entertain your audience. For CSA we designed infographics to illustrate problems and solutions to help website visitors learn about CSA's patent-pending drone traffic management technologies.

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Going Far, Far Beyond The Blog

Illustrate Your Vision Of the Future

We take thoughts and ideas far past WordPress' famous blogging capabilities and maximize it as a storytelling platform to let website visitors take a walk in your imagination as we illustrate your concepts and ideas with vivid imagery that we design to complement your posts. We've been told by our clients that the end result is mindblowing!

See For Yourself!
Crushing the Competition with WordPress

Brilliantly Showcase Your Company and Products

We design and develop corporate WordPress websites and product showcases, like this IntelliGuard Anesthesia Station interactive landing page, one of three that we developed to brand IntelliGuard as the leader in smart medication management for hospitals and healthcare.

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