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Upgrading to 3dCart Version 6 Home Page Slide Show

By January 7, 2014January 19th, 20143dCart, E-Commerce

If you’ve been using 3dCart for a while, you know that their system didn’t have a built-in home page slide show until they launched Version 6 last summer. If you’re not that familiar with HTML, you may have also been having a hard time making the update yourself to the new Version 6 slide show. It’s not working and you followed all the steps? You can do it – here’s what you probably forgot…

Your e-commerce store needs to have a reference to the latest version of JQuery.

3dCart stores that have been online for a while, especially those using custom design templates for the frame.html layout, may have old versions of min.js. You need the newest version for the home page slide show to work properly. Insert this code below inside the <head></head> tags of the frame.html that you are using for your store design:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”assets/templates/common/js/jquery.min.js”></script>

The code refers to the common templates folder, where 3dCart does a good job of keeping the JQuery file updated.

Reference: 3dCart Knowledgebase Article